LGC Policy papers

An overview of policy papers to be presented at LGC 2019

With the help of our LGC Advisory Board, we’ve collated three policy papers focused on the critical issues shaping the gas sector today.

The papers will be presented at LGC 2019 to the ministers and utilities in attendance before being finalised and distributed after the event. These documents will influence the development and direction of the gas industry for years to come, with LGC 2019 acting as a catalyst for meaningful discussion and agreed actions. 

Join our policy paper roundtables throughout the agenda to get a first look at the papers and be part of these critical conversations.



Vision 2040: The Diversity and Potential of Gas for the continent and Individual Countries


LGC’s advisory board believes in a Vision 2040 where gas has contributed towards the development in the region, including being an enabler for renewable energy, and has the potential to aid local economic development in areas removed from existing infrastructure. 

Unlocking Gas Markets in the Region: Infrastructure & Regulation in Central America and the Caribbean

With a special focus in Central America and the Caribbean, we’ll discuss unlocking the gas markets through investment in infrastructure, and changing regulatory and energy policies to open these markets and allow for gas to penetrate into the markets at a faster pace. 



Interconnecting Markets in the Southern Cone


In a global world, interconnecting markets becomes a crucial role amongst nations, but how can the Southern Cone of the Latin American region work effectively with each other?