About EnergyNet

EnergyNet has been producing investment forums and dialogues for the power sectors of emerging markets for over 25 years.

We work with a host of different governments and national utilities to facilitate investment summits where international investors can build relationships with credible public sector stakeholders to advance access to power. 

Our Latin America portfolio was launched three years’ ago in a bid to bring our expertise to another growing economy with huge demand for power – and it’s now growing from strength to strength. 

With previous locations in Cartagena, Panama City, Mexico City, Washington D.C. and Miami, we’re gearing up to host the second Latin America & Caribbean Gas Conference & Exhibition (LGC) in Peru this November.

We’re working in partnership with OLADE to bring together the region’s 27 energy ministers along with utilities, developers and investors to discuss gas proliferation on the continent. With plans which include writing 3 policy papers, LGC will be shaping the policies that promote gas across Latin America.

In February 2020 we return to Miami with the Latin America Energy Forum. Ideally placed to discuss foreign investment and overall strategy for the region, this is fast becoming a must-attend event in the sector’s calendar. 

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