ENERGYNET in partnership with the INTERNATIONAL GAS UNION (IGU) and ARPEL will deliver the Latin America & Caribbean Gas Conference & Exhibition (LGC) from 9-11 October 2018. The event is designed to give a coherent voice for Gas in Latin America and the Caribbean across the entire gas value chain from E&P to downstream.




With a strategic conference and high-level workshops running alongside a commercial exhibition and technical seminars, this event will put a strong emphasis on the role of the private investor in developing the region’s gas sector while presenting policy and investment needs in national, bilateral and regional contexts.

EnergyNet last week signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MoU) with the International Gas Union (IGU) for the upcoming Latin America-focused investor summits Latin America & Caribbean Gas Conference & Exhibition, 9-11 October 2018, and the Latin America Energy Forum, taking place in Miami next year.

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Why now?

While the region represents significant untapped potential for energy production and demand, Latin America and the Caribbean have a complex relationship with natural gas. Potential resources must be harnessed so the region may further capitalize on its strong economic growth profile.

LGC 2018 will provide a voice to national, multilateral and private institutions in order to enable the regulatory framework and technical conditions required to facilitate a structured gas market.

The unprecedented shale revolution in the USA and the speed of new investment into LNG export facilities has changed the face of global energy markets. With the LNG market likely to be over supplied in coming years, engaging with emerging markets like those represented in Latin America and the Caribbean should be fundamental to a successful commercial strategy for any business.

The role of each country in the region is both exciting and critical. LGC will bring Ministers of Energy, Hydrocarbon agencies, Gas Regulators, NOCs & NGCs together with credible local, regional and international participants to reinforce gas investment & development opportunities in the Latin America and Caribbean region.